Pricing Policies

​We have been in business since 1914 and have always used Blackinton for our badge needs.  First and most importantly the sales staff.. timely and professional.  Secondly is customer service, they have always been the friendliest of any vendor I have worked with.  And finally the quality of the products has always been impeccable, I have never had to return an item sold to one of my customers..."

William Plumb
Yearwoods, Inc.
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 Various Blackinton Pricing Policies

​​We have a number of different pricing policies, that we are outlining in the hopes that they will aid you in making your purchasing decisions.  Click on the policy below to see it in its entirety.  

- Custom Seal Die​

Please visit one of our authorized dealers to place your order. 

 Semi-Custom Building Badge

We​ have three different badge styles B3054 (see image on left), B3058, and B3060 that are semi-custom.  These three style badges can be customized with the landmark of your choice.  See the center building this is a custom panel that is dropped into this badge.

There is a set-up fee for this custom panel.   The set-up fee is dependent upon how many badges you order with this panel. 

If you order >50 badges with this custom panel we will waive the panel set-up fee.  

 Custom Seal Die

​If you would like to personalize your badge with a custom center seal, consider ordering 25 badges or more.  New custom seal dies are free (this does not apply for modeled seals) with a minimum order of 25 badges using the same customized seal.  For orders less than 25 badges you will incur a seal die charge.

 Leather Wallet/Case Cut Out

​​To ​complement our Blackinton® badges we are happy to offer our customers high quality leather wallets and cases.  Many of our cases and wallets offer a recessed badge section where your badge sits inside the leather.  The leather has the shape of your badge “Cut Out” by a metal die (see image on right).   Although there are 100’s of die badge cut outs currently available, there are some badge styles that do not have a cut out.       

A custom die cut out is required for badge styles that do not currently have one.  There is a one-time set up charge for this custom cut out. 
Below is the pricing based on quantity of leather items ordered per badge style

6-11 Leather pieces per badge style incur a one-time $100.00 setup fee
>=12 Leather pieces per badge style the setup fee is waived