Flex Name Bar

 Flex Name Bars To Compliment Your FlexBadge ‭[2]‬

To com​pliment our FlexBadges we have one Flex Name Bar style which is similar to our metal J! / A2450 Name bar.
  • ​Similar to our J1 an A2450 metal name bar
  • Only one size available, 2 1/2" W x 1/2" H
  • No minimums on name bar 
  • Available in polished gold or silver finish
  • Available in block or roman font
  • Applied seal is NOT available
  • Plain lettering is not available
  • Available for heat​ press application or Velcro (FLS = both hook and loop, FLL= loop only, FLH = hook only)
  • Ships in one week

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