Flex Insignia

 Customizable 15/16" Round Flex Collar Insignia

To compliment your FlexBadge we have added 15/16" round collar insignia to our FlexBadge offering, which can be customized with the seal design of your choice.  ​
  • Only 15/16" available
  • Sold individually NOT sold as pairs
  • Minimum quantity is 10 pieces
  • Available in gold or silver
  • There are no quantity discounts available (large orders will be quoted)
  • Velcro backing available at no cost
    • ​You must indicate FLS (set), FLL (Loop only), or FLH (Hook only)
  • FLX-1-PIN (Plain)
  • FLX-2-PIN (One color/Rim color)
  • FLX-3-PIN (Full color)
​When ordering you need to indicate what seal design you would like.​

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