Custom FlexBadges

 Custom FlexBadge Emblem Offering

We can reproduce your police badge, fire badge, your department's patch, or a logo.  Our custom FlexBadge emblem offering is very flexible.  We can replicate most shapes, colors, finishes etc.  All custom offerings need to be quoted.  Below are some additional details about our custom offering:
  • ​Any design outside of our Standard FlexBadge offering is considered custom
  • Minimum quantity order is 150 FlexBadge emblems, to meet this minimum you can mix font, *lettering, seal, and finish all using the same FlexBadge style
  • Plain lettering is only available if it is in the mold
  • Reorder minimum order quantity is 25 emblems
  • One time mold fee for orders <= 250 emblems
  • Lead time is 3 days for artwork, and 6-8 weeks for production
​*Plain lettering is only available in the mold, so you can not have different ranks in plain, as each rank would require a seperate mold.  

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 Below Are Examples Of Some Custom FlexBadges We Have Created

The below examples can not be purchased these are being displayed to give you an idea of what we can create with FlexBadge.​​


  Union Pacific Police FlexBadge​​​

TBI Bureau FlexBadge

 Nampa Police FlexBadge
Gulfport Police FlexBadge

El Salvador Police FlexBadge

Arlington Police FlexBadge

Custom Chihuahua FlexBadge

Custom Saint Jerome FlexBadge


 Custom Ray O'Herron FlexBadge

Oxford Police FlexBadge

Essentia Health FlexBadge

 Madison Police FlexBadge
Trophy Club Police FlexBadge
​​Jacksonville Sheriff's FlexBadge

Columbus Police FlexBadge

 Triidad & Tobago FlexBadge

Custom Attleboro Police FlexBadge


Custom Louisiana FlexBadge


Security Police FlexBadge

US Park Police FlexBadge
Erlanger Police FlexBadge
Sioux City Police FlexBadge

Larimer County FlexBadge

 Custom Panama FlexBadge


Custom Panama FlexBad​ge 


GT Distributors FlexBadge​​​​