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Providence Police Department

Providence PD Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Blackinton Badge

​150 years ago on August 12,1864, the Providence City Council signed an ordinance establishing the Providence Police Department.   The department rose from 10 daytime police to 103 officer in five districts, to the present 396 officers. 

​The mission for the police remains the same since its beginnings, to promote lawfulness and order.  As Providence industrialized waves of immigrants flooded in, prompting ethnic clashes and labor unrest.  The police dealt with drunks and fights, rowdy sailors and prostitutes, disturbances, and riots.  Gangsters eventually rose to  power until police dug into the web of criminal enterprises.  Today officers combat gangs, domestic violence, and homeland security.  Although a lot has changed since 1864 two constants remain: dangers are always present, and it takes pride and courage to carry the badge.

​To help commemorate the long tradition of the Providence Police Blackinton was commissioned to replicate the first 8 point star badge carried by officers.  Today's bronze 8 point star features a custom center with the iconic anchor (a symbol of hope) which is flown on the Providence flag draped with a 150th Anniversary banner.  The wording around the rim simply states Providence Police 1864-2014. 

​Click here to see a news story covering the 150th celebration.


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William Plumb
Yearwoods, Inc.
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